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Welcome to the Tennis Marathon Event!
The Tennis Marathon Event is an innovative, single day, time based tournament, designed specifically for recreational and intermediate adult playersBy participating in the Tennis Marathon Event, you have the opportunity in one day to play at least 5 matches, each time with different competitors, in a unique format. At the same time, you meet people who also love tennis, in a social environment. At the end of the day, you leave the courts tired yet full of satisfaction. All this in one day, in a fair, exciting, safe "Marathon"! Up to date, more than 50 Tennis Marathon Events have already been organized in 4 countries (Greece, Cyprus, UK, Australia), with most of the participants expressing excitement. 













International TM Event: Tennis Meets History (videos)

Οn June 15, 2014 the 1st International Tennis Marathon™ Event was held with great success in the historic city of Marathon, Athens - Greece. Men and women, all of them amateur players, representing 6 different countries (Algeria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Libanon, Russia) had the opportunity to share the unique Tennis Marathon experience and had their fill of tennis, within a dayClick on the images beside to watch the video highlights of the event and participants' testimonials, respectively. 








  Why Tennis Marathon Event?

You have at least 10 +1 reasons to start organizing Tennis Marathon Events at your venue:
1. Compared with any other tournament formats (single or double elimination, league, round robin), Tennis Marathon Events save time, courts, effort and money.
2. You instantly earn back the invested money for the Tennis Marathon Event and then you can enjoy remarkable profits.
3. You offer your members a value for money event, by playing at least 5 matches without elimination or knockouts.
4. Participants leave the event happy and looking forward to their next Tennis Marathon Event.
5. You have the chance to provide an original and unique social tennis event at your venue.
6. You can attract new members.
7. You will invest in a product with internationally registered trademark and added value.
8. The Tennis Marathon Software smoothes out and makes the process very simple
9. You are always sure about the total duration of the event.
10. You can organize a comprehensive tournament, with as few as three courts.
You actively support and effectively participate in spreading the idea of Tennis Marathon Event and the values this serves and highlights throughout the world.


The Tennis Marathon™ Event is an exciting experience!

That's because you are given the opportunity to play at least
five matches with different opponents within the same day in a fun,
sociable environment. 
If you are a recreational or intermediate tennis player (ITN 5-9)*, male or
female and over 18 years old, you should try the Tennis Marathon Event.
This will surely become your favorite Tennis Meeting!
By participating in Tennis Marathon Event you:

• Have your fill of tennis within one day

• Make the most of your time and your money

• Live the experience of a “marathon” process

• Acquire new and diverse experiences within the game

• Appreciate the value of competition and participation

• Learn to manage your physical and mental stamina

• Socialize with people who also love tennis

• Participate in a unique, unprecedented event

• Leave the event tired but fulfilled

• Feel anticipation for the next Tennis Marathon Event


* ITN is the International Tennis Number. Please find here your ITN.
If there is not a players rating system in your country, please define your playing level approximately.




TennisMarathon safety-first picture

Safety comes first

The Tennis Marathon™ Event has been tested from 2011 onwards and is designed for adult recreational tennis players (ITN 5-9). Although this is a “Marathon”, the process requires no special preparation or fitness. Please note that warm ups and cool downs are compulsory for all participants in all Tennis Marathon Events before and after each match, respectively to ensure that safety comes first, and also to get optimal performance.












 TennisMarathon testim dramitinos
Ioannis M. Dramytinos
Co-owner of Pallini Tennis Park (Tennis Marathon Event Licensed Provider)
“Something new, something different. A time dictated tournament. Time rules. Several matches played, followed by intervals of rest, all in a harmonic sequence. Easy going, very easy to organize. Just follow some straightforward
steps provided by the creator. No time delays. Everyone knows exactly the beginning and the ending of the tournament. Someone can still arrange his or her evening entertainment, after a full day event. Very good impressions from the participants, mainly due to the social environment that the Tennis Marathon Event seems to create. My personal opinion from experience is the bigger the effort is, 
the closer it brings participants together. The most important, money for value, for this tournament, is excellent. At Pallini Tennis Park, we invested in the Tennis Marathon Event, in November 2013. Today (March 2014), after only 3 Tennis Marathon Events, we have already recouped our investment!" 
 TennisMarathon testim pantazopoulou
Effie Pantazopoulou

“I started playing tennis three years ago. When I started, I was eager to play matches and could not stand properly on the field,
until I tried Tennis Marathon Event:
You enjoy the game, through many matches, regardless of the outcome of each match. You play with players of different levels.
You socialize in a very friendly atmosphere.
You learn to stand on the field and at the same time you have fun!
The overall experience is fantastic. I highly recommend Tennis Marathon Event to anyone who wants to see the match from a different perspective and spend a pleasant day!”
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Choose one of the packages and become a Licensed Provider or choose the e-trial to organize one TM event, with coordination through skype!





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