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The Tennis Marathon™ Brand Logo


The Tennis Marathon Brand logo has been created in a way that directly refers to the basic concepts of the homonymous organization:

• Tennis has a prominent position in the Tennis Marathon 
logo, while the yellow ball literally and visually emphasizes the word Tennis.

• The word Marathon is depicted in blue, the color which refers to the sporting action. It also refers to Greece: the Mediterranean sea and the sunny blue sky as well as the Greek flag that symbolizes the battles for freedom of Greek people all over the centuries. One of these battles is the historic Battle of Marathon (490 BC), from which emerged both the international term “Marathon” and the sport of the Marathon Race in the first modern Olympic Games in Athens in 1896.

• Time plays a crucial role in the logo as well as in organizing a Tennis Marathon Event, the same way as in all our lives. Time, particularly in modern developed societies, is perhaps the most important "opponent " of the human kind. A constant struggle to "catch up". Time is a concept that is made to run without ever getting tired. In a Tennis Marathon Event, we manage to “tame” time, even for a day time, and convert it to our best ally because we determine the overall organization.





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